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I’ve had a few requests for information about the videos on my blog. The two main questions are, “can I download the videos” and “what tools to I use to create the videos”.

To answer the first question. I’ve got all the videos posted for download on the VM page on Partnersource. You can find them here

Scroll down to the tips and tricks section :


For the second question I’ll post a more detailed note on how I do the videos, the end result is Streaming Silverlight which produces great quality. These are the tools I use :

  • Camtasia Studio from TechSmith, you can purchase it from here . I’ve been using Camtasia for close to 7 years now and it’s the best tool I’ve found for screen recordings. I output the video in WMV format. There certainly are many other tools that do this as well but Camtasia is super easy to use and has the ability to record a section of the screen and other nice features.

  • Microsoft Expression Media Encoder 2. With the video created in Camtasia I import into Expression. Expression has a Plug-in for Silverlight Steaming.

  • Silverlight Streaming. You can get free 10G storage account for your videos at . This is where Expression publish the videos.

  • Windows Live Writer. For posting on my blog, I use Windows Live Writer which has a nice Plug-in to embed the videos from the Silverlight streaming account.

And that’s it, a few steps but easy to do, end result is good quality and flexible. 



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