Setting up the Dynamics AX demo images in Hyper-V

So I’ve had a few questions for partners and field folks about the move to Hyper-V. There are a lot of people that have started the move and have been working with Hyper-V for a while now. While hardware processes are they way they are at the moment it’s worth thinking about getting a new machine that you can setup and run dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 2008 with Hyper-V.

So if you want to setup and run the Dynamics AX demo images under Hyper-V then this video will help out.


Double click to view full screen.

The process will take 20-25minutes to convert as you have to install the new Hyper-V integration components into the image which requires a few reboots.

The trick with this process is making sure you can activate the image. Which requires a few careful steps to avoid changing the network configuration. So when you convert use the legacy network cards to that you can keep the network settings. The video will walk you through the process.



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  1. Lachlan Cash says:

    Adding a tip/reminder I got from Luc in Canada. When using Hyper-V you can put the image in full screen mode which will give you the ability to ALT-TAB which helps when you don’t have the mouse.



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