ProjPost Class compile error

If you are using the AX 2009 Refresh 2 demo VM you may want to correct a line of code in the ProjPost class if you are using Projects and Project Time Sheets.

1. Press CRTL+D to open the AOT. Expand Classes.


2. Navigate down to ProjPost.


3. Expand to show the ClassDeclaration.


4. Right Click on ClassDeclaration. Select Compare.


5. When the compare tool opens. Click the Compare button to compare the default USR layer to the SYP layer.


6. This will show one line of code that needs to be in the USR layer. Which is a variable declaration for “skipCheckLedgerTransDate”. Click the Arrow control to add that to the USR layer. The colour will change from blue.


7. Close the Compare window. Click Save and Click Compile from the AOT toolbar.


8. The code should now compile without error.


7/30/2009 – Just amending this note. Make sure you right click on the class after you make this change and Compile Forward.




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  1. says:

    Hi Lachlan,

    I changed the class ProjPost according your instruction. However, I still cannot post an hour journal as I am getting the error below.

    Did I forgot something?

    Error executing code: Wrong argument types in variable assignment.

    (S)ClassesProjPostparmSkipCheckLedgerTransDate – line 1

    (S)ClassesProjPostcheckTrans – line 54

    (S)ClassesProjPostEmplJournalcheckTrans – line 8

    (S)ClassesProjJournalCheckPostcheckTrans – line 3

    (S)ClassesJournalCheckPostcheckJournal – line 10

    (S)ClassesJournalCheckPostLedgercheckJournal – line 13

    (S)ClassesJournalCheckPostrunCheck – line 3

    (S)ClassesJournalCheckPostrun – line 20

    (C)ClassesProjJournalCheckPostmain – line 26


  2. Lachlan Cash says:

    Hey Gijs

    Yes a made a update to the original post. Just make sure you do a compile forward.



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