Expiry of Demo VM

So the 6th of June has now passed and the original AX2009 VM is now over a year old and has expired. I’m getting a few questions from partners that haven’t had a change to pick up the Refresh1 image from PartnerSource, see previous note.

If you are now in a spot where you are just about to walk into a demo and the VM says it will shutdown in 1 hour. As a temporary workaround if you don’t have time to pick up the Refresh1 VM and move your customization. Shutdown the VM, don’t just save state, do a Start\Shutdown of the OS. Exit out of VPC. Change the date on your PC back a couple of days prior to the 6th of June, 5th of June is fine. Then restart VPC, then restart your VM.

After you have finished your demo. Shut down your your VM then set the date back on your PC to the current date. It’s not wise to do anything else on your PC while you have the date set in the past, e.g email.

This will buy you a little time till you can update to the Refresh1 VM. See previous notes




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