Demo VM plan and why we have expiry dates

I get a lot of questions about the the demo VMs and the expiry of images.  The simple answer if that we have to put some level of control on the usage of the image. So that is currently the time bomb system that we leverage in Windows 2003.

The plan is simple. For the Windows 2003 based demo VMs we have been giving them 1 year and the in the case of the Refresh 1 it is over a year to expire.

So as I’ve noted in the partner newsletter and here over the last couple of months it is now over a year since we released the original RTM AX2009 VM. So I’ve posted a few note to help you with what you need to know. For example this one “Making sure you have the right VM for the up coming expiry date

We will then update the VM each 6month with new updates. This gives at least 6months overlap for you to move from one VM to the next as you need.

The system will change when we move to the Windows 2008 based images because the control mechanism has changed. But will post more on this in the future.



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