Books on Dynamics AX

The list of books on Microsoft Dynamics AX are growing. Scott Hamilton released his book on “Managing your Supply Chain using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009” earlier this year. This is a continuation in a series Scott has written on the Dynamics products.

You can get it from Amazon 

Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

I managed to find some time to read through a copy that Scott had sent me. It’s a great book to put supply chain processes in the context of the application.

I’d recommend it if you are new to Dynamics AX or new to supply chain processes. It’s not  targeted as a book that will teach you where to click in the application to get something done. But it terms of putting supply chain processes in the context of the application functionality in the product, it is well worth getting a copy and keeping it. The case studies are great to put the functionality and process into perspective.

It’s a great reference and refresher if you have been out of the supply chain space for a while or looking to broaden your experience around accounting/financials and branch into SCM. It’s also a great book to put the process in Dynamics into perspective if you are working on another ERP product and looking to get into Dynamics.

This is a book that bridges the gap between the Microsoft training and help materials and information you normally only acquire from long experience or doing industry related training.

Worth picking up.



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