PerformancePoint 2007 Monitoring on AX2009 Demo VM

I posted a note a little earlier about the inclusion of the Performance Point Management Report on Refresh 1 of the AX2009 Demo VM. It reminded me that I’ve had a few questions about Monitoring and Analytics. We included a sample on the RTM release of the VM so you still have that available.

You can find this on the sharepoint site on the VM. Navigate on the VM to



You will see the score card there


You can also link to this from the links published on the http://sharepoint site on the VM.

Also worth noting the Data Import Wizard is available for Dynamics AX is available here along with some links to other PPS Samples.

The Data Import Wizard is included on the VM as well.

The PPS team also have posted a version of this sample for download on their site. Link.



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