Ref: Distributed and Consistent Hashing – Part 2

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Ref: Of Home and Shelves

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Ref: Distributed and Consistent Hashing – Part 1

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SQL CE to Azure Cache

  After spending almost 7 years in SQL Server Organization and out of which 6 years on SQL CE (or SQL Mobile or SQL Server Compact) product team, I have moved to Azure Cache product team.  Azure Cache is an in-memory distributed caching.  This product gets shipped in different flavors.  In case of enterprise servers,…


SQL CE Binaries – Details

Many times developers get puzzled on which exact set of binaries one should consume in their application.  There is also a misconception that SQL CE engine is too big in size.  This may be because there was no effort from our side to clarify on “Which binary is for what purpose?”.  So, here it goes:…


SqlCeException on application’s first use of SQL CE

We discussed how SQL CE get’s into trouble of failing to load SQL CE DLLs in an earlier blog article "Can’t load SQLCE DLL".  As you can see this occurs when SQL CE is trying to load the native engine.  Note that, SQL CE delay loads the DLLs and hence the trouble.  Hence, we suggested…


గణపతి స్తోత్రములు

చాలా రోజుల తర్వాత మళ్లీ  ఒక తెలుగు బ్లాగు వ్రాయాలని కోరిక కలిగింది… వినాయక చవితి పండుగ కూడానూ! అందుకే ఈ సంచిక   ఆగజానన పద్మార్కం గజానన మహర్నిశం | ఆనేక దంతం భక్తానాం ఏక దంతం ముపాస్మహే ||   అంతరాయ తిమిరోప శాంతయేత్  శాంత పావన మచిన్త్య వైభవమ్ |  తం నరం వపుషి కుంజరం ముఖే  మన్మహే కిమపి తున్దిలం మహ: ||   వక్రతుండ మహాకాయ సూర్యకోటి సమప్రభ అవిఘ్నం…


SQL CE v3.5 SP1 Features

Before we start, as usual the disclaimer holds J and plans may change.    SQL CE v3.5 SP1 is getting released with SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Q: Why blog about a service pack, it is just part of life cycle? A: There are some goodies that are coming along with this…



These days I started working (in parallel) on Indic Language input mechanisms.  It has been interesting learning so far.  I have first taken the transliteration to focus on the usability and intuitiveness.  I tried the very famous Google Telugu Transliteration tool.  And to my surprise, I found it so difficult and incomplete.  I basically wanted…


SQL Server Compact Database File Security

SQL Server Compact Database File Security   SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) supports password protecting the database file.  1)      Password is a must to encrypt SQL CE database 2)      When you create a SQL CE database with a password, it automatically gets encrypted   Now there have been many questions around on about the strength…