Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit version 3 beta 4

I participated in a hands-on training with the main developers of the toolkit last December,
and finally could recompile the entire project with Visual Studio 2010 (ultimate).

Since then, a few corrections were added in a 4th beta version of the version 3, and the entire project
is now downloadable from this link.

We use internally that code in a more broad datacenter management solution, dubbed DCS, so this toolkit has
upgraded to “real product” since last year. Also, several Control Panel vendors licensed the DDC Toolkit for
use in their commercial software. First was EMS Cortex, next I know of is Parallels.

Also, the famous Getting Started Guide is now reflecting the new features, and is available here. Now only 54 pages Smile.

Thanks for your interest in Hyper-V, System Center and Microsoft software for the Datacenter Smile.

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