version 2.0 is alive !

Well, it's been a looong time since I posted here. Sorry.
I've been away from blogging as I've been busy with a start-up inside Microsoft, publicly known as

The first phase of the project was 3 months architecture and design, and 3 months deploying and operating, preparing migrations. Finding the right guys. Synchronize with business owners. Full-time job.
The project happened thanks to great people who shared my different vision, and invested for the future of Microsoft presence on Internet in a brand new fashion.

I'll share some details soon about the facts and the learnings, one sure thing is : it attracts a lot of interest. Worldwide. And it requires a minimal support. Happy users.

Stay tuned, visit asap, get a server, follow the trainings, use it whatever you want. Make it your success.
Be pleased with Windows Web Server 2008 R2. You won't be fooled. Use Windows at the core of a powerful datacenter. Like you run Windows on your desktop / laptop.

By the way, more than 5 000 users already enjoyed the generation 1 servers. Now it's time for V2. Improvements already in place, better control panel to come.

See you soon !

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