Microsoft Provisioning System SDK Available

ISVs and Hosters can use the MPS SDK to develop applications that are enabled for multi-tenancy capability.
This SDK helps to create resource providers and namespaces specific to provisioning and hosting that allow your applications to be used by many users simultaneously.

The MPS SDK requires MPS, a server product and development framework included in Microsoft Solutions for Windows based Hosting. MPS is developed at Microsoft and can be used to provision any kind of software services - from the creation of a user inside Active Directory, to the enablement of hosted extranet services for an enterprise, including messaging, collaboration and directory synchronization.

MPS runs with a list of resource managers (Active Directory, Internet Information Server, etc)
, and can be customized for the needs of hosted solutions architects and developers, by developing specific resources managers with this SDK.

More about MPS? see this entry point on hosting solutions here on web site. Also, it has it's own forum on, here. And you can see MPS live through a web console running in demo mode here

MPS SDK is a free download available since Oct 17th, 2006 at this URL.


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  1. MPS for VS 2008 says:

    I use VS 2008 and I have to work with the MPS, there is some version of the MPS for VS 2008?, I need help

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