How to move Azure VM between subscriptions

I recently needed to move an Azure Virtual Machine from one subscription to another one. I read a LOT on how to do that and it looks super complicated. At the end of the day, I found an easy 3 steps way to make it, so sharing on this blog Step 1: Move the Azure…


Lighting my Lego city using .NET Microframework

Now I have created a software to pilot sprinklers, I want to be able to pilot my Lego city and light it. I know my sprinkler project is not over as I still need to work on the hardware. I will do it over the winter and try to find someone to help me. This…


.NET Microframework on RaspberryPi (Part 1)

I’m a bit fan of .NET Microframework (NETMF). NETMF is an open source technology originally developed by Microsoft based on .NET. It directly run on metal, without any OS. All sources and portability kit are freely available On Codeplex: And as a fan of Embedded devices I had to buy this inexpensive RaspberryPi….


J’ai hacké mon onduleur ou le reverse engineering de protocoles de communication (part 6)

Voici la suite des aventures de l’analyse du protocole de communication expliqué dans la quatrième partie. J’ai donc essayé à partir des commandes envoyées à l’onduleur de compléter ce que j’ai trouvé en écoutant la conversation entre l’application livrée avec l’onduleur et l’onduleur. J’ai donc utilisé l’application développée précédemment pour envoyer les commandes. Je notais…


J’ai hacké mon onduleur ou le reverse engineering de protocoles de communication (part 2)

Cette fois-ci, je vais rentrer plus dans le concret des quelques étapes clés à suivre pour déchiffrer le fonctionnement d’un protocole de communication. Pour ceux qui veulent suivre la genèse de l’article, allez voir le premier post. Je vais commencer par rappeler quelques principes de base quand on veut faire du reverse engineering. Loin de…


Creating an efficient HTTP Web Server for .NET Microframework (NETMF)

That’s not the first post I’m doing on incorporating a Web Server in .NET Microframework (NETMF). In some of my previous posts, I’ve explain how to do it using the existing .NET classes for this. And it is working very well! The main concerns I have is that I’m using a netduino board. This board…


Implementing a simple HTTP server in .NET Microframework

To follow my previous posts, I’ve started to implement a simple HTTP server in my netduino using .NET Microfamework. I have to admit it was quite easy as there is a HTTP Server example in the samples. I was very impressed that with no OS so no Windows, no Linux, no Mac or any DOS…