.NET Microframework on RaspberryPi (Part 2)

I realize I haven’t posted on my blog the direct link to the porting of .NET Microframework (NETMF) to the RaspberryPi. See previous article.

So code is available here: https://raspberrypinetmf.codeplex.com/. This is not a full port of NETMF natively on RaspberryPi. It’s a port of specific NETMF classes on Mono running on Linux. It can be useful to quickly port existing NETMF projects with very little or no modifications. Note also that some classes are missing. So don’t hesitate to participate.


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  1. Xaver says:

    If rasperrypi is not a must…porting NETMF to Arietta G25 instead of raspberrypi is probably the easier way. The Arietta G25 uses the same processor as the G400 Module from GHI Electronics, which has already a NETMF available.

  2. eugene says:

    Why somebody needs it if you can do all on Windows 10 IoT?

    1. Laurelle says:

      if you have existing code like I had. Lots of code from .NET Microframework. Migration path is then easier and faster if you can directly reuse the code. The only thing I had to change was the port numbers. All the rest just worked. Other intersting feature is ability to user .NET Core. The porting will work same way and allow as well to reuse code running on a RPI with Linux. Even a v1 where Windows 10 IoT Core will not work

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