.NET Microframework on RaspberryPi (Part 1)

I’m a bit fan of .NET Microframework (NETMF). NETMF is an open source technology originally developed by Microsoft based on .NET. It directly run on metal, without any OS. All sources and portability kit are freely available On Codeplex: http://netmf.codeplex.com/. And as a fan of Embedded devices I had to buy this inexpensive RaspberryPi http://www.raspberrypi.org/….


Ultrasound sensor and .NET Microframework (NETMF)

I recently bought a cheap ultrasound sensor because I want to build a robot. Yes, after the sprinkler management system and the automation of my Lego city, it’s time to play with a robot . This sensor can measure the distance from 2 cm to approximately 50 cm. Cost is about 5$. There are 4…

Adding Bluetooth support to a NETMF board (.NET Microframework)

I recently bought a very cheap Bluetooth adaptor for my Netduino. I wanted to test how easy/hard it is to support Bluetooth. I see lots of advantages with Bluetooth for a near field communication like piloting easily a robot with a Phone without the need of other network or Infrared. Also Bluetooth is a secured…


.NET Microframework (NETMF) Web Server source code available

So as I got lots of asks to get the code of my Web Server, I’ve decided to create a Codeplex project. You’ll find the source here: https://netmfwebserver.codeplex.com/ It does include the following features: Start, stop, Pause the Web Server Creation of a Web Server on any port Fully functional multithread Web Server supporting GET…


Web Server and CSS files in NETMF (.NET Microframework)

It’s been a long time I did not write anything on my blog. Not that I haven’t developed anything but just because I did not take the time to write proper articles. I’ve continue to add features to my Lego city by piloting the trains but also the switches. And I’ll try to write articles…