Reading file in .NET Microframework

For the one reading my articles, you know I’m developing in .NET Microframework an application to be able to switch on and off led in my Lego City. In the past post, I’ve explain how to setup a web server with HTTP, generate dynamic pages, handle parameters. And in the last one I show how…


Display overlay images in HTML and javascript with .NET Microframework

In my current project of lighting my Lego city, I’m working on a simple web interface that will allow thru a HTTP web page to display an image and small lamp icons on overlay. In my previous project on automate my sprinklers, I’ve implemented a HTTP web server in my netduino. It’s working like any…


Lighting my Lego city using .NET Microframework

Now I have created a software to pilot sprinklers, I want to be able to pilot my Lego city and light it. I know my sprinkler project is not over as I still need to work on the hardware. I will do it over the winter and try to find someone to help me. This…


Creating and launching timer in .NET Microframework

In previous posts, I had the occasion to show how to implement a web server using HTTP and handling web request (in my example GET requests) with parameters URL like in a real Windows or Linux server running Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache with a generated HTML page like for ASP.NET, PHP or Java….