The Malware Threat Landscape

What to watch for in 2012

  • A whole new generation of more organized and more malevolent malware writers
  • Malware attacks targeting information as well as for financial gain
  • Information becoming the target of the new breed of cybercriminals and another source of income for those already in the game
  • Steal Everything! The emergence of Spyware 2.0, a new class of malware that steals users' personal data (identity theft) plus other type of data it can find. Spyware 2.0 becoming a popular tool for both new and old players alike
  • An increasing number of attacks on corporate users by traditional cybercriminals and the gradual decline in direct attacks on everyday users
  • Vulnerabilities remaining the principal method of carrying out attacks and a significant increase in the scope and speed with which they are used








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