SmartPart WebPart

Jan Tielens and Fons Sonnemans, names you’re very familiar with if you’re a SharePoint Wonk like me, created a very cool SmartPart WebPart: The SmartPart is a generic webpart that can contain an ASP.NET user control. Nothing new you would say, but the SmartPart can give your user control access to the SharePoint object model….

SharePoint List as secondary datasource

Jan Tielens has a great post about using SharePoint Lists as a secondary datasource: The InfoPath Service Pack1 adds some nice features to InfoPath, there a few that I really like. One of them is the ability to use a SharePoint list as a data source. For example if you have a contact list in…


C# Team is cranking out answers!

I saw on Duncan’s blog that the C# Team was posting answers to Frequently Asked Questions on their new blog, so I had to go check it out.  Wow.  They made the first post last Saturday, asking for questions and since then, they’ve been cranking out answers! Pretty impressive.

Roger Jennings: Great InfoPath resources

I found this comment by Roger Jennings to my previous post about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 Preview and Toolkit for Visual Studio .Net, and wanted to share it: I’ve been working with InfoPath since the Office System 2003 beta. My only complaint (as a long-time Visual Basic programmer) was that the devs used JScript behind…

InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview available for download!

Exciting news here about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 preview that you can download here.  This Preview includes bug fixes and performance improvements to InfoPath 2003, in addition to a number of feature enhancements directly resulting from customer and partner feedback. The Preview is 100% compatible with existing InfoPath 2003 solutions. When developing new solutions with the…


Tech·Ed 2004: May 23-28 in San Diego, CA

The Event Site is up for the US Tech·Ed 2004.  San Diego at the end of May… Great content and the weather should be glorious!  There are a couple of special offers right now.  Register by March 1 to be entered in a drawing for “VIP treatment“, including Limo rides to and from the airport,…

Is there a runtime version of InfoPath?

This seems to be a fairly common question, and recently there was an especially well-crafted answer provided on an internal InfoPath user discussion alias. I asked, and received, permission to include it here. (Thanks to the person who wrote this and allowed me to share it with my readers!) Q: Is there a runtime version…


WSS and Visual Studio.NET 2003

Conrad has an interesting post on interactions he’s experiencing between WSS and VS.Net 2003, and how he solved the problem.  And besides being interesting, his post reinforced my nascent belief that I need a new home computer, so I can use the old one to try things out on (for me, WSS and SharePoint Portal Services – I want to…


More Whidbey

Dang, I should have looked a little more deeply on MSDN and included this download in my previous post: Kent has some really great content up there, as usual.

Slides and demos from the Whidbey presentations

If you’re as excited as I am about Whidbey, be sure to stop by to see lots of great content.  You can even download slides and demos from the talks at PDC.