Replacing my Treo 600

Some things are as easy as they should be. Recently the screen on my Treo 600 got injured. Okay, broken. While I have the insurance offered by SprintPCS, I thought for some reason that it didn’t cover the screen… when I turned it on and saw the screen was broken, I was really really sad….


Treo 600 Stops Vibrating – Can this FAQ answer be for real?

While cruising the new FAQ at TreoCentral, I noticed a seemingly bizarre answer to the question “My Treo 600’s vibrate feature stopped working! Is there anything I can do?“  Apparently (and I haven’t verified this, as my vibrate feature is working just fine, thank you very much) you have to simulate the vibration in a…


PalmOne Support Site has really improved!

I got an SMS message a while back to install a new update to my Treo 600. I never installed the update before this one — my phone was working fine, and I didn’t want to lose the ringtones that I worked so hard to get 😉 This time, though, I went to the site…


Treo 600: Shanghai Pocket Essentials is essential

I finally found a Mah-Jongg game that I can see on my Treo 600, and boy is it a good one; Shanghai Pocket Essentials by LandWare.  Nine tile sets, including easy-to-see Samurai, tons of layouts organized in categories, including smaller layouts called “Quickies” that are perfect for whiling away a few extra minutes (like when…


Treo 600 for an amazing price

If you’re not a Sprint subscriber, this is an amazing price for the Treo 600.  Sprint isn’t my favorite company (they aren’t as nice to loyal customers), but the deal at $249 is pretty compelling. And as a side note, it must be getting close to the holidays. has holiday lights and my gold box…


Restore default Treo 600 ringtones

In this thread in a TreoCentral forum, Llynx says: Yikes! I tried hot-syncing my old midi ringtones from my Treo 300 to my 600 and when I went to check I had NO ringtones! Zero!! So I went to the “delete” function and then had a soft reset … So … luckily I had downloaded…


Quick updates

I got my t-shirt, yay!  Thanks to Jeff! I know you already know this, but bring your laptop to PDC, there’s going to be great WiFi access. The new home page is live!  How do you like it? If you got to this page by searching for Treo 600 Ringtones, I’ve tried Ringo and…


Bad things about the Treo 600, or I’m annoyed as hell

Okay, just to be “fair and balanced”, I have to tell you about 2 things that I find extremely annoying about the Treo 600.  1) Download a ringtone, just one ringtone, and your system sounds are toast.  Apparently you have to download a ringtone manager, but neither one of the ones that are available work on MY…


Treo 600 initial impressions

So far, as expected, I love my new Treo 600.  There are so many improvements in the user interface; you can easily get anything from anywhere, and you hardly have to use the touchscreen to do it.  And it feels good in my hand.  The keyboard is easier to use because the keys are raised,…