Washington State Democratic Caucuses: Feb 7

This year, the Democratic party in Washington is opting for a caucus rather than a primary.  Caucuses require, in my opinion, much more commitment than voting.  You show up, talk, listen to other people talk, move around into groups (hopefully of 15% or more), and vote.  The caucus process here in Washington is fairly drawn…


Weather in Seattle

I can’t believe how cold it is — I like this accuweather forecast .  Don’t think I’ve ever seen the word frigid in a weather forecast! Brrrrrrrr

Mt. Rainier — still time to comment

Mt. Rainier currently has one service guiding folks up the mountain on summit attempts.  The NPS is currently in the process of soliciting comments on their new Commercial Services Plan.  I think that the “preferred alternative” number 3 (in the Guided Wilderness Use Alternatives) that allows multiple alternatives in guided climbing providers is the best choice,…

Wow, record rainfall

Knew it was wet, but yesterday’s rainfall broke all kinds of records.  Over 5 inches at the Seatac airport! Looking forward to sunny and warm in LA.  

Rainy day

Today it rained all day.  Parking around our building genearlly sucks.  On rainy days it really SUCKS.  If you get to work past 9, which I did today, it can be brutal.  I got soaked walking in to the building, but at least I got a semi-legal spot.  At lunchtime, as I was walking back from the…


James Turrell at the Henry

I was starting to stress out that I hadn’t gotten to the Henry Art Gallery to see the James Turrell exhibit, which was slated to close on October 5th. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, and I didn’t know how I was going to fit it in, but also didn’t want to miss…