InfoPath: Adding a button to switch between views

The ability to have multiple views of information and multiple uses for forms is one of the great features of InfoPath. And yet, any person responsible for supporting the users working with the forms can tell you that it can be a real challenge to users to have to switch views via the menu system….


Cross-Site Groups in SharePoint

There’s a great article by Adam Macaulay on MSD2D about using Cross-Site groups to manage your SharePoint users.  It’s written from a CorasWorks perspective, but don’t let thinking it’s a promotional piece keep you from reading it — it has lots of excellent information for the SharePoint administrator including a discussion of the types of permission…


Web Part Deployment Best Practices?

In articles on MSDN that talk about creating basic web parts, they talk about deployment by importing a .DWT.  However, there is also an article on “Using Wppackager to Package and Deploy Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies” along with the Wppackager download.  This, plus a post I ran across that complained about web…


Working with Korby

I got to spend Friday afternoon talking with Tommy and Korby and then collaborating with Korby on a brief demo that we’re going to do together for a leadership team. They’ve all heard about wikis and want to know more about them and their possibilities. Me, I’ve only used wikis for internal team communication (with…


One of the joys of working with Duncan

I’ve talked before about our InfoPath form associated with a SharePoint (WSS) library that we use for status reporting (). I use a ‘week of’ field and custom views for grouping status reports for a specific week. The date needs to be set to the same date for all status reports for that week, otherwise…


CNet: Google and Social Networking

Google tip-toed into the hot market of online social networks with the quiet launch of on Thursday, CNET has learned. The search company, which is expected to go public this year, is flexing its power with its Internet fans by constantly offering new services, including comparison shopping and news search. Orkut could be…


Decision Trade-offs

As I was catching up on my reading last night, I found this post .  Peter Torr was talking about “always making the wrong decision”, and asking for forgiveness in advance for making *someone* unhappy when their project is released.  (Peter works on the Visual Studios Tools for Office team.  In his post he also mentions a number of his teammates who are also…


My traveling favorites

For a while now, I’ve been using a Blogger page as a traveling favorites and personal knowledge management system — it’s very handy.  I keep it as my browser homepage on my home and work computers, and on someone else’s computer, it’s only a URL away.  This allows me to have all of my favorites at…


The rule of 3

Remember to apply the rule of three with decision-making. If you don’t have three valid options, (one of which might be to continue on) you don’t understand the problem. If you think your only option is to maintain the status quo, you’re not working to the best of your management ability. Make sure you think…


Warning: This is NOT an accurate representation of how the project will unfold

(True North pgs, Inc.) has long proposed getting a stamp for every documented plan or schedule that says “Warning: This is NOT an accurate representation of how the project will unfold.” Every really experienced project manager knows this — yet somewhere in the chain of communication, this information gets lost — leaving managers and executives…