Replacing my Treo 600

Some things are as easy as they should be. Recently the screen on my Treo 600 got injured. Okay, broken. While I have the insurance offered by SprintPCS, I thought for some reason that it didn’t cover the screen… when I turned it on and saw the screen was broken, I was really really sad….


Treo 600 Stops Vibrating – Can this FAQ answer be for real?

While cruising the new FAQ at TreoCentral, I noticed a seemingly bizarre answer to the question “My Treo 600’s vibrate feature stopped working! Is there anything I can do?“  Apparently (and I haven’t verified this, as my vibrate feature is working just fine, thank you very much) you have to simulate the vibration in a…


Excel tip: Split first name and last name into separate cells

Recently, I helped out a local charitable organization by printing some labels from an Excel spreadsheet that had a single column called “Name” that contained both first name and last name.  City, state and zip were also in a single column.  I offered then to clean up the spreadsheet by splitting the data into separate…


SmartPart WebPart

Jan Tielens and Fons Sonnemans, names you’re very familiar with if you’re a SharePoint Wonk like me, created a very cool SmartPart WebPart: The SmartPart is a generic webpart that can contain an ASP.NET user control. Nothing new you would say, but the SmartPart can give your user control access to the SharePoint object model….

PalmOne Support Site has really improved!

I got an SMS message a while back to install a new update to my Treo 600. I never installed the update before this one — my phone was working fine, and I didn’t want to lose the ringtones that I worked so hard to get 😉 This time, though, I went to the site…

Getting Things Done: Update

Chris Sells pinged me today to ask about GTD.  Actually, it was kind of funny… he sent me an email with the subject line “You’ve done this, what can you tell me?“  And the body was a link.  That’s it.  When I first saw the subject line I thought it was spam, or even <gasp> porn spam. …


Wow, first time in over 5 years!

After reading in several blogs about David Allen and his book/process Getting Things Done, I decided to give it a try.  The set-up has been significant, and I’m not done by any stretch, but I’ve finished my inbox, and for the first time since the day I started at Microsoft, my inbox is empty! Jeff…


NPR: They got me!

I had to run an errand this afternoon, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, a news story came on NPR talking about a US Post Office announcement about mobile zip codes.  Modeled on the rulings that allowed people to take their phone numbers with them, the Assistant Postmaster General was quoted from…


A note for MVPs

MSDN will have a booth at the product fair that’s happening during MVP Summit registration on Sunday evening — I’ll be there for most of the time, and I hope you’ll stop by to say hello if we’ve already met, or introduce yourself if we haven’t.  If you miss me on Sunday, I’ve also wrangled an…


Checking the weather

Tomorrow I’m off to Las Vegas for a few days of winning the casino’s money (well that’s *my* dream anyway), so I decided to check the weather.  It’s going to be beautiful, of course, but check out these descriptions, they delighted me 🙂  Someone had some fun making rules. Thursday 3/18Sunny and very warmHigh 85°…