Pictures from PDC

The pictures on my moblog are all categorized now, so if you want to see only the pictures from PDC, here they are.


What’s the buzz?

Everywhere I’ve been this morning, I hear people talking about Lili Cheng’s Social networking demo on Wednesday morning. I’m sad I missed it.


All wound up

Warning: I’m all wound up today, so beware.     I’m excited today.  The exhibition part of the show is over, so I don t get to work the booth and do get to go to sessions and just hang out and talk to developers.  I’m also really looking forward to getting home!! I’ve been here since…


Planning for Thursday

My plan for Thursday:   8:30 Real World Innovation panel with, among others, Lili Cheng (MSR) and Katie Drucker (New Markets, Incubation) in 501ABC   Talking to customers   1:45 Rocking the Web with Whidbey panel with, among others, Jon Box (my favorite Skittles dude) and Scott Guthrie in 502AB   Then off to…



Julia Lerman is amazing.  Everywhere I turn, there she is, talking to someone, hooking this person and that person up; she has apparently boundless energy. Then I read her blog, and she’s been to all the sessions, too.  And then dinner with the boys. Julia found my blog early on, and has been very encouraging;…


Missing the party

Tonight I’m skipping the PDC Attendee party at Universal Studios.  How could I even think of doing such a thing?  Frankly, I just need some alone time.  I’m over stimulated.  I know I’m not alone in this feeling, since G. Andrew Duthie told me today that he played Halo till the wee hours of the morning…


California news

Fires continue, the sky is pretty grey here today.  LA Times has good coverage if you’re looking for information on what’s been happening.  Apparently we also just had an earthquake (although I didn’t feel it) and I think I saw a couple of locusts… I’m getting a little nervous ;-)  Terminator to the rescue?


More Whidbey

Dang, I should have looked a little more deeply on MSDN and included this download in my previous post: Kent has some really great content up there, as usual.


You *must* check out MSDN

Over the last several months, everyone at MSDN has been working really hard to present a wealth of features and content for the PDC.  Of course you’re probably already been to the Longhorn Developer Center and the PDC Central site, but have you found our new technology playground, the MSDN Lab?  This is a place…


Slides and demos from the Whidbey presentations

If you’re as excited as I am about Whidbey, be sure to stop by to see lots of great content.  You can even download slides and demos from the talks at PDC.