Wow, it’s been a long time since the last time I blogged.  Much has happened in my world in the intervening months…  I left MSDN & TechNet several months ago and have been immersing myself in a new job and a new role.  I’m now leading the Service Delivery team for the MSN Access group. …


Redux: Excel tip: Split first name and last name into separate cells

In response to my post on splitting names into multiple columns in Excel, someone (who listed themselves as “me”) posted the following comment: very interesting, but there is a problem – when you split the names into two or three columns using this method and there are variations of first+last and first+middle+last names within the…


Mixed Language pages – What do you think?

I’m working in London this week, and yesterday we were talking about mixed language pages.  My question to the group I was working with was this: If we could provide components on signed in pages like the Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center, which is currently an English language page, that were targeted at users in different locales in…


MSDN Information Architecture

Please welcome Paula Land to the land-o-blogs!  Paula is MSDN’s Information Architect, and is going to be posing you some interesting questions, including what you think of the sneak preview of the new MSDN Library Table of Contents.  You’ll have to go to her blog find the sneak preview 😉

Meet Peter Stern, designer extraordinaire at MSDN

Peter Stern is a designer at MSDN.  Aside from being a great User Interface and User Experience designer, I love talking to Peter… his interests are many (surfing is my most recent PS discovery) and varied, and he’s always giving me ideas.  Just talking to him about art (the very wide definition of art) makes me…


Hey, Tim’s back!

It looks like Tim’s blogging again! Yay!

InfoPath Question: Easy way to specify order of forms to be merged?

I’m thinking that the answer to this question is “No” because of an article I found on MSDN that said InfoPath gets the list of forms that were selected in the Merge Forms dialog box. More than one form can be selected, and forms are processed in an arbitrary order. but does anyone know of…


Product Feedback Center

Today, or at least for a good part of the morning, I kept watch on what was coming in to the Product Feedback Center.  There are some good bugs and suggestions being entered, and it’s thrilling to see.  I even entered some of my own about the Product Feedback Center, based on my use, and…


Check out MSDN!

~Whew~ that was fun! Everyone at MSDN has been working like crazy, and last night, concurrent with the announcement of VS2005 Express Beta in Amsterdam, we launched the Product Feedback Center, the new personalized Visual Studio Developer Center, online and CodeWise search integration into Visual Studio and a host of ancillary functionality. I pulled the…