InfoPath: Adding a button to switch between views

The ability to have multiple views of information and multiple uses for forms is one of the great features of InfoPath. And yet, any person responsible for supporting the users working with the forms can tell you that it can be a real challenge to users to have to switch views via the menu system….

InfoPath Question: Easy way to specify order of forms to be merged?

I’m thinking that the answer to this question is “No” because of an article I found on MSDN that said InfoPath gets the list of forms that were selected in the Merge Forms dialog box. More than one form can be selected, and forms are processed in an arbitrary order. but does anyone know of…


15 new InfoPath SP1 Labs posted to MSDN

Well, the headline says that there are 15, but when I look, I see 16 😉  In any case, these look like great labs in the Office Developer Center!


The InfoPath team has a blog!

KC just pointed out to me that the InfoPath team has a blog.  I was embarrassed to find that they’ve been blogging for a week (12 posts already) and I didn’t notice!  They are interested in getting feedback on topics you’d like to see them cover in this post — I’m sure you’ll have some suggestions…


SharePoint List as secondary datasource

Jan Tielens has a great post about using SharePoint Lists as a secondary datasource: The InfoPath Service Pack1 adds some nice features to InfoPath, there a few that I really like. One of them is the ability to use a SharePoint list as a data source. For example if you have a contact list in…


Roger Jennings: Great InfoPath resources

I found this comment by Roger Jennings to my previous post about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 Preview and Toolkit for Visual Studio .Net, and wanted to share it: I’ve been working with InfoPath since the Office System 2003 beta. My only complaint (as a long-time Visual Basic programmer) was that the devs used JScript behind…

InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview available for download!

Exciting news here about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 preview that you can download here.  This Preview includes bug fixes and performance improvements to InfoPath 2003, in addition to a number of feature enhancements directly resulting from customer and partner feedback. The Preview is 100% compatible with existing InfoPath 2003 solutions. When developing new solutions with the…


Tech·Ed 2004: May 23-28 in San Diego, CA

The Event Site is up for the US Tech·Ed 2004.  San Diego at the end of May… Great content and the weather should be glorious!  There are a couple of special offers right now.  Register by March 1 to be entered in a drawing for “VIP treatment“, including Limo rides to and from the airport,…

Is there a runtime version of InfoPath?

This seems to be a fairly common question, and recently there was an especially well-crafted answer provided on an internal InfoPath user discussion alias. I asked, and received, permission to include it here. (Thanks to the person who wrote this and allowed me to share it with my readers!) Q: Is there a runtime version…


InfoPath How To: Change the Script Language of your Form

So, in the previous post, I talked about Duncan providing the validation code to make sure that a date specified in my InfoPath form was a Friday. Unfortunately for me (or so I thought), the code he provided was VB script, and my Form already had JScript specified (because I had entered the script editor…