MSDN Information Architecture

Please welcome Paula Land to the land-o-blogs!  Paula is MSDN’s Information Architect, and is going to be posing you some interesting questions, including what you think of the sneak preview of the new MSDN Library Table of Contents.  You’ll have to go to her blog find the sneak preview 😉

Meet Peter Stern, designer extraordinaire at MSDN

Peter Stern is a designer at MSDN.  Aside from being a great User Interface and User Experience designer, I love talking to Peter… his interests are many (surfing is my most recent PS discovery) and varied, and he’s always giving me ideas.  Just talking to him about art (the very wide definition of art) makes me…


Treo 600 Stops Vibrating – Can this FAQ answer be for real?

While cruising the new FAQ at TreoCentral, I noticed a seemingly bizarre answer to the question “My Treo 600’s vibrate feature stopped working! Is there anything I can do?“  Apparently (and I haven’t verified this, as my vibrate feature is working just fine, thank you very much) you have to simulate the vibration in a…


Check out MSDN!

~Whew~ that was fun! Everyone at MSDN has been working like crazy, and last night, concurrent with the announcement of VS2005 Express Beta in Amsterdam, we launched the Product Feedback Center, the new personalized Visual Studio Developer Center, online and CodeWise search integration into Visual Studio and a host of ancillary functionality. I pulled the…


Microsoft Cafeteria Trivia

If you get to work early (before 8, generally) the cafeterias (at least 4 and 36) have GREAT fresh fruit — yummy ripe strawberries and blueberries, and fresh cut/sectioned pink grapefruit and pineapple.  If you get to work later, your choice is limited to the usual assortment of melon and canned mandarin orange slices.


Tablet PC in Bed

I don’t know why it’s Tablet PC day, it just is. I just popped over to Channel9, and there, featured prominently in the front page, was the headline “The Tablet PC has changed my life (in bed)”.  (See what I mean?  Tablet PC day.) The intro cracked me up: “It’s not often that you get…



Well, I was going to post this photo and point to Betsy’s blog post about the celebration, but it turns out it isn’t there.  She had a busy weekend, I know, so I’m sure she’ll be telling us all about it soon.  In the meantime, this is Betsy and Kevin (from the MSCom Communities team) celebrating on…


Ducks looking for work?

Today on the way back from lunch, I had to do a double take as I walked by the building 4 lobby because there were ducks standing at the door, waiting to get in.  “There are ducks at the door,” I said to the receptionist, thinking she must have noticed me walking backwards, and would…


NPR: They got me!

I had to run an errand this afternoon, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, a news story came on NPR talking about a US Post Office announcement about mobile zip codes.  Modeled on the rulings that allowed people to take their phone numbers with them, the Assistant Postmaster General was quoted from…


A note for MVPs

MSDN will have a booth at the product fair that’s happening during MVP Summit registration on Sunday evening — I’ll be there for most of the time, and I hope you’ll stop by to say hello if we’ve already met, or introduce yourself if we haven’t.  If you miss me on Sunday, I’ve also wrangled an…