Replacing my Treo 600

Some things are as easy as they should be. Recently the screen on my Treo 600 got injured. Okay, broken. While I have the insurance offered by SprintPCS, I thought for some reason that it didn't cover the screen… when I turned it on and saw the screen was broken, I was really really sad. So you can imagine my delight when I called the company that provides the insurance and and found out they did cover it. My new (refurbished, but who cares? My old phone was "used" too 🙂 phone arrived, as promised, in 3 days. (Three long days, during which I had to guess on the position of buttons like Answer and Dial since the bottom half of the screen looked like it was awash in blue and yellow ink.) After I charged it and got it provisioned, I attached the sync cable to my laptop, initiated the sync and saw those lovely words "Restoring handheld databases". Ah, it's a beautiful thing. All my contacts, all my appointments, all my tasks, all my games, everything, in about 7 minutes. All I have to do now is a factory reset on the old one and drop it into the pre-paid mailer that came with the new phone. Like I said, it's a beautiful thing!

People keep asking me how much the insurance costs -- it's $4.00 a month -- well worth it for a phone like the Treo 600 which would cost me $400 to $600 to replace, depending on what kind of rebates I could find at the time.

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  1. Jerry Pisk says:

    Lucky you. My insurance (Lock/Line through Cingular) wouldn’t replace my phone (a Nokia 8890, retailing for $650 in the US at the time I bought it) but forced me to take a crappy Motorola V60 (which is less than half the value). Bastards.

  2. Which insurance company gave you such good service? I don’t have much experience with claims, but your experience sounds unusually good!

    Sam Michelson

  3. fatcat says:

    I am unable to get insurance from my cell phone provider (T-Mobile) because I had pre-exsitinting service. My Treo600 was purchase though customer care and I can not get a receipt for state farm.

  4. Guess what? That just happened to me. 1 day after I got the phone. And yeah, they said they’ll send me a "refurbished" one. Mine was basically new, though. 🙁

    I agree, the $4 a month is a good deal. I used it to replace a broken Treo 300 a year ago too.

    I just wish they weren’t such shoddy devices in the first place…

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