Meet Peter Stern, designer extraordinaire at MSDN

Peter Stern is a designer at MSDN.  Aside from being a great User Interface and User Experience designer, I love talking to Peter... his interests are many (surfing is my most recent PS discovery) and varied, and he's always giving me ideas.  Just talking to him about art (the very wide definition of art) makes me feel more creative.  And his office, well, first off, he has this can of VERY NICE markers that I'm always tempted to pick up and play with, and his walls are covered with drawings and other fun stuf... it's very stimulating. Peter recently created a website for himself -- it's pretty cool, you can download playing cards that he designed in XAML, for example -- and encouraged by comments that he got after Chris Sells pointed to his site, he also created a blog!  When I encouraged him to do this previously, he wasn't sure what he would talk about.  Clearly with Chris' encouragement he's found his voice.  His second post talks about how he created his own handwriting font -- interesting stuff!

Since Peter's such a wiz at PhotoShop, he showed me how to take some of my doodles and colorize them -- I've only played around with it a little (so many interests, so little time), but the method he showed me was about 5000 times easier than what I had tried before.  When I showed him some cool scanner art I found, he showed me how to do it, and even created one for me.  It's signed and everything, so once he's famous I'm sure to be in the money 😉

Anyway, stop by Peter's and take a look.  He certainly is meeting the “Content is King” bar so far 🙂


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  1. Peter Stern says:

    Laura, you’re too kind. What Laura doesn’t mention in this glowing post, is that SHE IS MY BOSS! How cool is that?

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