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Today, or at least for a good part of the morning, I kept watch on what was coming in to the Product Feedback Center.  There are some good bugs and suggestions being entered, and it's thrilling to see.  I even entered some of my own about the Product Feedback Center, based on my use, and verified a few more.  Even if you don't have a bug to report or suggestion to make right now, it's worth a gander, at least in my opinion.  You might be able to verify a bug that someone else has entered or to enter a workaround to a bug or suggestion, or even find a workaround to something you've experienced.

It was so cool to be able to see content/broken link bugs come in and fix them right away, without having to wait for Contact Us emails to make their way through the system.  (Bugs fixed around 10am, I think, based on Product Feedback Center and Contact Us feedback emails reporting the same problems came our way in the early afternoon.)

We currently have a Search issue involving multi-page result sets that we'll be deploying a fix for tomorrow, but with the Advanced Search, it's possible to limit your result set so that you're not really hampered by it. (Okay, it's somewhat painful, but workable.) I'm currently on the list of users who have verified the most bugs -- why don't you try and knock me off? 😉  Happy hunting!

Edited to fix bad link 6/29 9:25 (thanks Simon!)

Comments (4)

  1. Simon says:

    You might want to twiddle the ‘n’ and the ‘d’ in the product feedback center link 😉

  2. Uwe says:

    Doh!, Simon, I thought _I_ was the first to discover 😛

  3. Craig says:

    Turns out that’s a problem with the site not supporting Mozilla Firefox. Which is too bad, since it’s so much better than IE. Someone has already submitted a bug about non-support for non-IE browsers.

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