InfoPath Question: Easy way to specify order of forms to be merged?

I'm thinking that the answer to this question is “No” because of an article I found on MSDN that said

InfoPath gets the list of forms that were selected in the Merge Forms dialog box. More than one form can be selected, and forms are processed in an arbitrary order.

but does anyone know of an easy way to specify the order of forms to be merged using standard merge form functionality?  If you do, and will share it with me, you'll have my eternal gratitude and who knows, maybe something even more special than that! 😉

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  1. Patrick Halstead says:

    I think the problem was the Office file open dialog. It supports multiple selection, but doesn’t guarantee order returned to InfoPath. We had several issues around this feature with the multiple selection dialog.

    From SharePoint, the merge forms view will import in the order of the forms on SharePoint.

    If you want to get your hands dirty, with SP-1, I’m thinking you could intercept the event and use the OM (OnMergeRequest) to import them in your own order, but might require some batching.

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