Uploading multiple documents to WSS

I recently answered a question in the WSS newsgroup about how to upload multiple documents to a SharePoint site.  It's a question that comes up a fair amount around here, and my answer on the newsgroup was:

When you click the upload document link, right under the text box where the file name gets filled in when you browse to it, is a small link to "Upload Multiple Files...".  Click this link and it will take you to an interface where you can select files and upload them together.  Once you  know the link is there, it's hard to see how it can be missed, but this is one of the most common questions I answer internally, and I really struggled to find it myself initially 🙂

Melissa, the user who had the question, was kind enough to post back to the thread when she discovered that the “Upload Multiple Files” link only appears when Office 2003 is loaded on the computer you're working on.  They didn't have Office loaded on the WSS server, so the link didn't appear on that machine. On her normal machine it did.  Kudos to Melissa for taking the time to come back and post the additional information.

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  1. Mike Walsh Finland says:

    There are lots of other ways of course, but I’ll confess that I tend to use Multiple Uploads in the UI rather than mess about with logical drives etc.

    Although it was good of Melissa to report back, the fact that Upload Multiple Documents is only visible when Office 2003 is running on the client IS a very well known fact.

  2. lauraj says:

    I guess somehow I missed it 😉

  3. Mike Walsh Helsinki says:

    You should read the WSS newsgroup more often ! If I had a dime for every time I’ve answered that question … 🙂

  4. robertk says:

    A Bulk uploader is available at: http://www.spsdev.com/bulkupload.aspx

    also mentioned in the SPSFAQ: http://www.spsfaq.com/downloads.asp?postid=541

    an interesting article on Documents in the db can be found here: http://geekswithblogs.net/tariq/archive/2004/04/14/3876.aspx

    Bill Simser has an interesting discussion on moving lots of v1 data to v2: http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/archive/2004/06/04/149032.aspx

    and finally

    Maurice Prather of MSFT has a nice DavCopy utility: http://www.bluedoglimited.com/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=18&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ebluedoglimited%2Ecom%2Fdefault%2Easpx

  5. I usually just use explorer view for multiple documents. Plus if there are folders involved it works well that way. Then I usually go back and update any applicable metadata with a datasheet view.

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