Hey, Tim’s back!

It looks like Tim’s blogging again! Yay!


InfoPath Question: Easy way to specify order of forms to be merged?

I’m thinking that the answer to this question is “No” because of an article I found on MSDN that said InfoPath gets the list of forms that were selected in the Merge Forms dialog box. More than one form can be selected, and forms are processed in an arbitrary order. but does anyone know of…


Product Feedback Center

Today, or at least for a good part of the morning, I kept watch on what was coming in to the Product Feedback Center.  There are some good bugs and suggestions being entered, and it’s thrilling to see.  I even entered some of my own about the Product Feedback Center, based on my use, and…


Check out MSDN!

~Whew~ that was fun! Everyone at MSDN has been working like crazy, and last night, concurrent with the announcement of VS2005 Express Beta in Amsterdam, we launched the Product Feedback Center, the new personalized Visual Studio Developer Center, online and CodeWise search integration into Visual Studio and a host of ancillary functionality. I pulled the…


Betsy’s just fun, and very real, to boot!

I was cruising Betsy’s blog this evening, laughing my ass off.  I have never met anyone so passionate about community as Betsy (maybe it’s just that I haven’t spent enough time with Jeff, or Robert, but maybe not 😉  She lives and breathes community, and does a heck of a lot of work, too.  No, no,…


Hey look, it’s FrankRed!

Yet another MSDN blogger joins the fray!  Welcome Frank!


Web Part Deployment Best Practices?

In articles on MSDN that talk about creating basic web parts, they talk about deployment by importing a .DWT.  However, there is also an article on “Using Wppackager to Package and Deploy Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies” along with the Wppackager download.  This, plus a post I ran across that complained about web…


Uploading multiple documents to WSS

I recently answered a question in the WSS newsgroup about how to upload multiple documents to a SharePoint site.  It’s a question that comes up a fair amount around here, and my answer on the newsgroup was: When you click the upload document link, right under the text box where the file name gets filled…


Looking for answers on SharePoint and WSS

The first place that I go when I have a WSS problem or question is the WSS FAQ, which has a ton of great information.  This site is a joint effort of Mike Walsh, Jim Duncan and  Larry Strange, and represents the majority of the most frequently asked questions from the WSS newsgroup.  It’s presented in…