SharePoint in Educational Settings

Jared Evans contacted me via my blog to ask whether there were any white papers about using SharePoint in Universities.  I hadn't seen any, but wonderful Adam in SharePoint marketing was kind enough to point me to a whole slew of case studies featuring SharePoint in Education.  Enjoy, Jared! 

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    It’s a pity 5 of these 14 are SPS 2001 and none are WSS. Presumably a different search string would have given only SPS 2003 and WSS but I certainly don’t know what to change (to what) in this one.

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    P.S. I don’t count it as a WSS example if they also list SPS 2003 – just as a lack of knowledge on their part of what is meant by SPS 2003.

  3. Jared Evans says:

    Cheers very much Laura and Adam.

    I want to try and get my uni to use Sharepoint so us students can use it togetehr to do group work.

  4. RobertK says:

    Actually I have initiated some Diploma/Graduation projects at our local Technical College which challenges a team of motivated students to use Sharepoint/WSS as a info-hub. In the current project the team is replicating the excellent Danish Infobase project ( )using WSS. The project entails modifying templates and themes and getting "under the covers" with the WSS Object Model! SharePoint is a wonderful educational platform for Business Process and Coding labs!

  5. You should checkout the Microsoft ELearning Gateway … there are some slides at

  6. JonR says:

    we’re currently glueing together WSS, Class Server, our student records system and various other things to create an institutional portal / "managed learning environment" at our college in the UK. anyone else in the UK who is interested in this kind of thing should definately check out the CETIS Enterprise SIG at

  7. Jon Nowicki says:

    We have just created a Microsoft Learning Gateway using sharepoint and class server for 10 schools in the UK as part of education partnership.

    It allows 24/7 access for staff, students and parents.

    More details contact me

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