Another example of using SharePoint for blogging

Thanks to Adam for the link to Colin Walker's RandomElements, which, in addition to having a very cool name, does a great job of using SharePoint as a blogging engine, as well as explaining how some of it is done.  He even has an RSS feed.  Have a look!

Comments (5)

  1. Ralph Poole says:

    Thanks for posting great sharepoint blogging resources. I want to implement a blog using this technology, but sharepoint requires a good bit of investment to get it right. RandomElements and others give me inspiraton!

  2. Colin Walker says:

    Thanks for the mention. With a bit of time and effort spent on customisation SharePoint can be quite an effective blog tool.

    Also check out Sig Weber’s Playground at

  3. Colin Walker says:

    Oops – just spotted that you’ve already mentioned Sig 😉

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