Using SharePoint for Blogging

Recently I've had a couple of questions from readers asking about the possibility of using SharePoint for blogging.  These questions have been sitting in my “Research as a possible blog topic someday when I have the time” folder, waiting for a spare moment.  Then today I received an email/comment from Sig Weber pointing me to his SharePoint Blog.  To be clear, Sig's created a blog that's done in SharePoint, which contains lots of good content including posts about his progress, trials and tribulations in using SharePoint as a blogging tool.  (Note: If you get a permissions error, you should be able to go past it -- as Sig points out in his blog, it's a work in progress 🙂  So check out Sig Weber's Playground (aka. "Extreme SharePoint'ing" or: doing more with less) blog, especially if you're interested in evaluating SharePoint as a blogging tool.

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  1. Had a chat with a client from my previous company about the possibility of displaying rss feeds on their portal.

    Here’s two quick options to get aggregated content available to your portal users :

    Tim Heuer’s RSS FeedReader 2.0 web part. (It’s under stuff) His blog is a very cool resource for Sharepoint stuff as well.

    Using the XML web part that ships with Windows Sharepoint Services. For steps on settings this up go to The Exchange Team blog. There’s a quick bit of xsl there you can use

  2. Sig Weber says:

    Thanks for pointing me at the permissions error. Fixed now.

  3. Adam says:

    Colin Walker has a great sharepoint based blog at

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