Checking the weather

Tomorrow I'm off to Las Vegas for a few days of winning the casino's money (well that's *my* dream anyway), so I decided to check the weather.  It's going to be beautiful, of course, but check out these descriptions, they delighted me 🙂  Someone had some fun making rules.

Thursday 3/18
Sunny and very warm
High 85° F


Thursday Night 3/18  
Mild with a star-studded sky
Low 59° F


Friday 3/19  Sunny and continued warm
High 88° F


Friday Night 3/19  A starlit sky
Low 57° F


Saturday 3/20  Sunny and hot
High 90° F


Saturday Night 3/20  
Patchy clouds and mild
Low 60° F


Sunday 3/21  
Mostly sunny and hot <== wonder why this isn't continued hot?!
High 88° F

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  1. Jim Martin says:

    I hope it stays that way. I’m leaving this Friday for a weekend of fun. About 20 of my HS buddies will be there for a bachelor party 🙂

  2. Aldelis says:

    please I want to see the weather all around the world!!!!!

  3. cigars says:

    Come to Miami…in the 70’s with great sunshine all day long. You can hit the beaches, chill there smoking cigars in the sand and let all your worries go out with the roaring ocean.

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