Working with Korby

I got to spend Friday afternoon talking with Tommy and Korby and then collaborating with Korby on a brief demo that we're going to do together for a leadership team. They've all heard about wikis and want to know more about them and their possibilities. Me, I've only used wikis for internal team communication (with mixed results), but Korby and Tommy are both those big-brain types, and they have some big ideas (believe me, this is just a start).  Although we've talked a number of times before, this is the first time I've worked with Korby, and collaborating with him was really fun. We used the wiki to plan out about 10 times too much stuff to talk about, and then whittled it down. What we ended up with is good, not too long, and should stimulate some interesting conversation. Where else but at Microsoft would I get the chance to know, learn from, and work with, so many incredible people? Life is good.

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