InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP-1) Preview available for download!

Exciting news here about the InfoPath 2003 SP-1 preview that you can download here

This Preview includes bug fixes and performance improvements to InfoPath 2003, in addition to a number of feature enhancements directly resulting from customer and partner feedback. The Preview is 100% compatible with existing InfoPath 2003 solutions. When developing new solutions with the Preview, you will have a choice to create forms fully compatible with InfoPath 2003 or forms that take advantage of the new feature enhancements, which include:

  • More control choices, including Master/Detail, File Attachment, Recursive Section, and Choice, as well as custom-authored controls..

  • Better schema support, including built-in support for schema changes.
  • Printing improvements, including page breaks, margins and print settings.
  • Improved e-mail deployment of sandboxed solutions and auto-updating of trusted solutions.
  • Better management and categorization of solutions.
  • Tablet PC support improvements.
  • Increased support for rules and roles for declarative business logic.
  • Enhanced XPath expression support, including calculations without writing script.
  • Additional data adaptors for email and SharePoint Products and Technologies lists.
  • Better support for custom migration plug-ins.
  • Enhanced Object Model (OM), including OnSave event, offline state, submit, and digital signatures.
  • Improved support for secondary data sources.
  • Additional support for business logic written in managed code (requires a separate download).
  • Enhanced OM for external automation and windowless mode for application-level calls.
  • Better support for ADO datasets and diffgrams to round-trip data changes.
  • Additional support for complex scripts, such as right-to-left and South Asian languages.
  • Enhanced support for digital signatures, including partial signatures, non-repudiation, co-signing, and counter-signing.
  • Improved stability and performance, including auto-save and data recovery.

There's more detail on the PressPass page.  There's also a VS Toolkit for InfoPath available.  And remember this is a preview release, so usual cautions apply!  Woo Hoo and Happy Monday!

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  1. The Infopath SP-1 Preview is available for download. How sweet is that news?? I am currently working on designing a solution that utilizes InfoPath, Sharepoint and Web Services to enhance our sales team workflow. So I was hoping that I could get my hands on the service pack as soon as possible since I already knew I could take advantage of some of the new features that were leaked/released a while ago. I have loved InfoPath since I first played with it during the Office System 2003 Beta. However I was always disappointed at some of the things I found that were missing. The release of the reasonably feature rich service pack helps me believe that there is a lot more to come for InfoPath and while it’s potential has yet to be truly tapped…it will be. InfoPath & Sharepoint are tools that are ideal for individuals like myself that are obsessed about efficient processes and information sharing. I am now empowered to create the sites, forms, lists, and workflows that I would typically require a developer to implement. Given that we are a development company, there are certainly lots of developers around. However taking one off client work for…

  2. I’ve been working with InfoPath since the Office System 2003 beta. My only complaint (as a long-time Visual Basic programmer) was that the devs used JScript behind the sample forms.

    The InfoPath 2003 SP-1 Preview and Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET are major milestones. Integration of InfoPath with VS.NET is seamless.

    I’ve posted some examples of InfoPath SP-1 Visual Basic .NET managed code projects at Check them out.

  3. Ray Jezek says:

    Any idea when the SP will be released? I love early looks but it’s hard to figure out the timing of these things to know when you can really start using them.

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