Where’s LauraJ?

A whole week has gone by without a blog entry from me.  (Tsk, Tsk as Chris Sells would say, although not about this.) I have a bunch of items in my “add to blog file“, but no time to compose a post around them.  I'm heads down in a couple of projects, as well as sticking my nose in here or there in other projects.  On one of my projects I'm getting to work with folks in Marketing and in a couple of the Subs; besides the fun, it's been interesting to get yet another view into a part of Microsoft I haven't seen before.  Then there is politics, but I won't go into that here 😉 Well except to say that next weekend I'll be participating in an Emily's List training in their Political Opportinity Program. Sufice it to say that life is very full right now!  I do have a bunch of sharepoint links to point to; I'll try to get those up in the next few days.  Oh, and I wrangled an invite to the MVP Tuesday night party, Wheeo!


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