InfoPath How To: Change the Script Language of your Form

So, in the previous post, I talked about Duncan providing the validation code to make sure that a date specified in my InfoPath form was a Friday. Unfortunately for me (or so I thought), the code he provided was VB script, and my Form already had JScript specified (because I had entered the script editor with JScript specified as my default, even though I hadn't entered any script.) I looked around in InfoPath help, but couldn't find any info that seemed to the point. So then I tried deleting all the script from within design mode, although I wasn't very hopeful. And of course that didn't work. So then I resorted to Search (search terms: Infopath set script language) and the first result was KB article number 828853 titled "How To: Change the Script Language for Your InfoPath Form." I walked through the steps (which assumed JScript -- luckily I was switching from JScript, although I'm sure I could have figured out how to translate if my default had been VB Script) and found them very clear and easy to follow. Basically, I needed to extract the form files, make several modifications to the manifest file, design the form again from the manifest, save it and then specify my new script language. Worked like a champ!

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