A new box, on the way!

Having our SharePoint intranet site hosted by our corporate IT department has lots of good points, and a few bad points.  One of the frustrations for me has been the lack of administrative privilages on the box (which hosts many WSS sites besides ours.)  Don't get me wrong, it's understandable, but still it's frustrating.  Kevin (who doesn't have a blog but certainly does follow them 😉 told me today, though, that he's gotten approval for a box that we can run WSS on.  Yes, that's 'we'; you see I've confided in him my plan to replace my home computer in order to have a box to install WSS on... but he says I can play on the new box, and by the way, how do I want to administer it 😉  Okay, maybe I'm signing up for work, but now I'll be able to explore things like RSS feeds.  It was the high point of my day.  It's not going to solve all my frustrations with not having admin privileges, but it sure will make me happy 😉

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  1. JonR says:

    if i don’t get admin rights on a development box, i generally hassle support with requests for new virtual directories and suchlike until they lose the will to live. i wonder if that makes me a bad person. oh well what the heck, i got r00t!

  2. Adam Weigert says:

    Personally, I used to be like this. Until I moved to a isolated development environment, a.k.a. my workstation :).

    We still have a test environment where we can try to integrate our new code into the same type of environment it will one day exist on production.

    Well, I used to have 3 PCs that I used as testing systems to install different OSs and play with features. Now I have the almighty VirtualPC 2004 … 🙂 This allowed me to install Win2k3 with WSS and play with it all I wanted.

    This tool is a wonderful thing if you have enough PC to run it. I have used it to test install several things.

    The best part of it is, I make a basic install of the OS then get it all updates and setup. Then I copy the VHD off to my collection of base VHDs. Then when I need say, Win2k Server, I just grab the VHD and fire it up and add whatever I need to it.

    Just some thoughts for those that want to play the admin as their side job.

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