Wow that was quick!

There's a new KB article on PDFs in SharePoint Portal Server 2003.  It addresses getting your PDF files indexed as well as getting the icon to show up.  Many thanks Gabe and Iyaz for getting the answer to this common customer question documented!

Update 1/25: You can get the pdf icon at Adobe. You have to agree to a Terms of Use at and then find the link on the second page.


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  1. I just found out through LauraJ that MS has released a KB article about indexing Adobe PDF files in SharePoint. This has some more info to go with my previous blog entry about this same procedure, but it doesn’t tell you how to find the icon. I scoured my PC looking for the 16×16 icon that you see associated with PDF files, but I couldn’t find it even with an icon extractor tool poking into every Acrobat system file on…

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