New InfoPath 2003 Training Materials available

Contoso Sales Report and Contract Generation Solution

These solution-based training materials are designed to help technical decision makers and solutions developers/architects understand and learn about building Microsoft® Office InfoPath™ 2003 solutions. The document walks through the steps involved in creating an end-to-end solution to implement a typical business process—the Sales Report and Contract Generation for a fictitious company, Contoso Pharmaceuticals. The introduction describes the specific technical benefits that InfoPath provides. This document also serves as a roadmap for a series of tutorials that implement the Sales Report and Contract Generation Solution.

In addition to this document and the various tutorials, you can also order the companion DVD, which contains a virtual PC with all these solution components and infrastructure. The VPC is a good resource to get hands on training on the material covered in the various tutorials. As an alternative, you can download a small files package that provides the key pieces for the lessons.

Training materials can be downloaded here.  If you'd like to get the companion DVD, it's available here.

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