Do as I say, not as I do

Julie cracks me up...

...But then he asked me about my backup habits. This is like when the dental hygienist asks if you've been flossing regularly. Skip to after that conversation. We have a deal. He is going to call me in two weeks. If I am not backing up regularly (DAILY as I can't really afford to lose more than a day's work) by then, he is going to set me up on remote automated backup to his servers, which is a service he offers. That sounds cool to me!! I know there are gigantic companies who do this kind of thing with offsite data centers and offsite networks but this is just my size.

I love reading her blog.  Since I usually read it through RSS, I didn't realize that she has a category called "Community Cheerleading"... heh, I like that.
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  1. that is a great analogy.

    i’m now guilted into burning a cd.

    but i do floss.

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