WSS and Visual Studio.NET 2003

Conrad has an interesting post on interactions he's experiencing between WSS and VS.Net 2003, and how he solved the problem.  And besides being interesting, his post reinforced my nascent belief that I need a new home computer, so I can use the old one to try things out on (for me, WSS and SharePoint Portal Services - I want to seem them both from an administrator's viewpoint.)

Comments (2)

  1. Renaud COMTE says:

    trust me , the administrator’s point of view is as good as the developper’s one

    But i have to change my PC too : i need a powerful one to support, SPS2003 / WSS and SQL


  2. Renaud COMTE says:

    Oh another thing, i just post to Conrad a feedback about and WSS

    if you want to put a ASP.NET site in a WSS web root don’t forget the application folder and follow this link

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