Scoble: What about Favorites, asks Ed

Robert says" I stopped using Favorites about five years ago. Hint, what happened about five years ago? Google. My favorites file back then was about 5000 items. It just got so big, and so out of date, that I stopped using it.

Today my "favorites" list is really my RSS Feeds. RSS is changing the way I use the Web more than any other single thing.


Like Robert, I stopped using favorites quite a while ago (but not 5 years... I've always been slow link that 😉  What really stopped me was the unmanageable size, but also the desire to have the same handy list of links at home and at work.  I've bloged about this before, but I use a page of links that I manage with Blogger; this sample tells more about it.  I use RSS for a lot of what I used to follow links to, but there are too many places I go on a regular basis on the web that aren't feed based.  Frantz Art Glass, for example. And why Google for them when CTRL-F will do? (And that's only if I don't use it often, my fingers know where the most often accessed links are 😉

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  1. Aspirer says:

    I am still using it, and it is becoming slow and umanageable and as pointed out before, the problem with bookmark managing software is that they cannot be taken everywhere and with storing online bookmarks is a bit inconvenient and unefficient. The problem is sharing openly on the Internet for me is, well it is still not a perfect world and there might be few url’s that I might not want other people to see (it might be not good for them and their Organisation’s health) :)).

    Coming back to the point, with the xml and RSS being used everywhere now, I definately try to use this whereever available, but still there are quite a few things that are not easily done and found with a syndicated page and so there is still need for a bookmark and well don’t have an amazing memory nor patience to go to Google everytime.

  2. lauraj says:

    My point exactly, about the continued need for something in addition to RSS or XML. The blogger page that I use, while not easily discoverable because it’s marked as private (no pings, on no lists), is on the internet, you’re right. It’s not password protected, although it could be, because I don’t want to have to sign in. And I guess that if someone were to "find" it, they would certainly have an interesting view of my life 😉 (Heh. Which to them would probably be pretty uninteresting.)

  3. I had stopped, but have just restarted, sort of. I’ve got a "To read" folder under favourites to which I add links found whilst blog reading for later consumption.

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