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There's been a lot of moving around in the Microsoft blogging world, and in the last couple of days the dust has finally settled, and the new default home for what was once is now  Lots of people worked really hard to make a reality and I'm waving a big Thank You to all of them!  I'd also like to personally thank Scott Watermasysk for his willingness to move and convert (BlogX to .Text) all of the posts for those bloggers moving from GDN to  Even though I knew it was coming, I was surprised how "homey" it made my blog on blogs.msdn feel to see all of my old posts there, including all of the categories. Woo Hoo!

When it was announced that we'd have to move off of GDN, I felt conflicted.  My posts aren't generally technical, and sometimes they're even personal (gasp!) so I wasn't sure that was the right place.  Then I saw some of the reaction that posts that were considered "off-topic" got from the community at, and decided to move to  I met Jeff Julian at PDC this past year, and we've been exchanging email since then.  When he saw folks starting to move off of GDN, he sent me mail offering me a new home.  I decided to take him up on it, and have been very happy at GeeksWithBlogs.  Jeff totally rocks, at least in my book.  Not only is there the whole GWB site, but he's also written a plug-in for Newsgator that's going to make my life a lot easier.  He's also just released Dottext.Web.HttpCompression.  If you're not subscribed to Jeff's blog, it's a good one.  Anyway, I also created a blog on (I thought it was mostly for my archive content) and posted some to it, but my main "tech" home has been GWB.  (My other blog is and will continue to be just a Celebration of Fluff 😉

Now that exists, though, I am going to be blogging primarily at My home is MSDN, how could I blog elsewhere?  My apologies for any confusion this has caused.  All of my GDN posts have been moved over, and I'll be getting my GWB posts moved as well (and then deleting the duplicates, of course!)  Like SaraW, I'll be doing some decorating there real soon.

All of the Microsoft Bloggers posts will be aggregated at and I believe that Betsy is also planning a page like the current front page of GDN, which will list all of the bloggers by team or area of focus.

Thanks again to Jeff Julian and everyone at GeeksWithBlogs.  You've been great.

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