Telling us about problems

There are a bunch of folks at MSDN who read a wide range of blogs (and quite a few of us who have blogs, as well).  Sometimes we run across someone who is having trouble with some aspect of MSDN, which they've written about in their blog (for example, Steve Malofsky's library problem and solution).  Whenever I read something like this, I always follow up with the author to try to get the problem resolved.  While I can't speak for everyone at MSDN, I think this is mostly the norm with the wonderful folks I work with.  Unfortunately, my blog reading habits are erratic -- blog reading generally comes last on the list of inputs for me, so a post might be pretty dated by the time I get to it. So, if you run across something that's not working quite right at MSDN, please feel free to email me about it and I'll try my darndest to get it to the right person to get it resolved.  My email address is lauraj at

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