Where’s LJ?

Someone asked why I haven't been posting to my blog lately,
so I thought I'd make a quick post to say that I'm still here.  I haven't been
posting for all the usual reasons, namely life (mostly) and work (a little) intruding
into my blogging time, plus I've been feeling conflicted about what I blog, and
where.  Then add to that the complication of needing to find a new home for this
blog and there you have it, virtually no blog entries.

My feeling conflicted is about whether to blog in
my usual free-form and random style here (or wherever this blog ends up) or blogging
in two different places.  In early November I created another blog for the non-MSDN,
non-technology, random, political, raving, and frivolous fluff.  As I posted
there, I found myself posting less here. I don't know yet if it works for me to have
two blogs - I'm still in the experiment phase. The potential of moving to weblogs.asp.net,
then, has added yet another dimension to my dilemma -- it's unlikely that I'm
going to have something earth shattering to say about asp.net, or honestly, even something
mildly interesting.  And yet, if I move to weblogs.asp.net, every post I
make will mean that someone else's (probably on topic) post will scroll off the consolidation
page for the blogs there. 

So, there you have it.  I'm still here, and will
still be posting about life at MSDN, in one form or another, somewhere that this blog
will be redirect to, at some point in the future.  Heh.  That's a horrible
sentence, but I like it.  I guess I'm just a girl like that.  Happy Monday

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Comments (2)

  1. I was talking about this moving MS weblogs thing yesterday with my husband, and then Scoble did several posts on it! I don’t read the aggregated feed for all the weblogs hosted on this site, so until I saw some posts from people complaining about "noise" or critiquing various folks with weblogs here, I was oblivious.

    I don’t think there’s any problem with just having your own weblog hosted where you want it. Then you can talk about work, your life, or whatever strikes your fancy! bring on laurajohn.com!

  2. Julie Lerman says:

    THERE you are! I guess I could have just emailed you, too! So where is your new blog? I have missed reading your insights into corporate culture. I moved too though still cross-posting some stuff to .netweblogs.

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