Treo 600 for an amazing price

If you're not a Sprint subscriber, this is an amazing
price for the Treo 600
.  Sprint isn't my favorite company (they aren't as
nice to loyal customers), but the deal at $249 is pretty compelling.

And as a side note, it must be getting close to the holidays. has holiday lights and my gold box on Amazon is covered in snow.

Comments (3)

  1. Mike says:

    It’s not worth it in my opinion. The battery doesn’t last the day and the customer service is horrid.

  2. lauraj says:

    That’s not true, at least for my treo 600 — I’ve easily gone a whole weekend, friday to monday morning without recharging or having any problem. Plus, it recharges quickly.

  3. blc says:

    The treo 300 had bat. issues, but i hear the 600 is much nicer

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