Sharepoint love

Tonight I updated our MSDN Intranet and I was reminded,
once again, how much I love Sharepoint/WSS.  Oh, don't get me wrong, there are
things that I would absolutely change if I could... like not being able to switch
an events list/calendar to begin and end dates rather than date/time
or not being able to change the text of Sharepoint alerts without resorting
(As If!)  These are things that *should* be easy, but aren't. 
But there is so much that is easy...  We've got team pages set up based on a
template that uses document libraries and lists web parts, so when we change the libraries
or lists, *poof* the changes show up everywhere.  And even though the alerts
text bugs me, I still think Sharepoint Alerts are an under-recognized and under-used
feature, so I went through and added some links for "Alert me to changes in this area"
to some of the web parts.  Sharepoint/WSS is working so well that I'm just about
ready to start pushing my favorite Sharepoint luddites to move documents
from fileshares into Sharepoint, where it's easy to find and just as accessible. 

Comments (3)

  1. Renaud COMTE says:

    Very happy to find someone with the same point of view about SharePoint technologie 😉

    It will be heaven if the alerts can sum up all my news …

  2. robertk says:

    We (the sharepoint community) would love to get a regular Sharepioint user inside MS to blog on WS/SPS… please do so!

  3. lauraj says:

    I’m trying to find someone who’s more knowledgable about it than myself, but in the absense, I sure will!

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